HOBY & Me versus Hernandez: Not Much Further Apart

Since I was completing a somewhat ill Saturday by watching 125 of South Carolina’s best and brightest 15-16 year olds perform skits and individual acts for a Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) seminar talent show, you can say Aaron Hernandez and I were on different paths since the night of June 22. We weren’t on anything like the same wave of Life *before* then mind you, but having refilled my tank of Positives while attending that seminar, I nailed finishing my book and expanded my social life considerably, and Mr. Hernandez, well, New England offered to exchange his Patriot jersey for whatever other number a fan might want. Future/final verdicts about ‘the facts of the matter’ about possible murder, that’s a situation several degrees more serious than even what those Ambassadors I worked with all weekend were focusing on–BULLYING was this years primary topic.

I still get a strained voice after long sales days talking from the nasty sore throat (thanks Z-pack!) I dealt with that whole weekend. I utilized several of my team members to read portions of a presentation regarding the characters (family, friends) and style of the Aesop Fables-type writing project they would be asked to help produce material for. At that point I suggested several get back to me quickly about artistic support, but nothing about getting jammies together or taking someone on a final ride would ever be part of the discussion. Actually, I would like to hear what those really smart-cool-OUTSTANDING! (a continuous verbal positive they express) young people might have to say in light of bullying theme, the death of an individual and immediate, total implosion of what everyone would probably accept as, well, any lifestyle we imagine a $40 million contract could maintain.

The seminar was at Erskine College in Due West, SC, and as small as Erskine is, Aaron Hernandez is going to spend an awful lot of negative, useless time in an even smaller place for the foreseeable future. While I haven’t received the necessary information from SCHOBY directors to make progress on getting books produced, I’m maybe a day or two from pulling the trigger (hey!) on self-publishing my own 77,600 word-290 page book. Believe it, getting everything 100% settled and the anticipation of having that ultimate product in my hands is pretty sweet stuff. Harder to believe is the ACLU going to bat for AH about his being kept in solitary–a situation brought to the fore because his personal tattooing apparently would’ve made him a target in the general population.

Nope, just throwing in plans for a baseball game on Thursday or vacationing/hitting the racetrack/golf in Saratoga’s enlivening blue sky environment in August, I’ve got plenty more positives to look forward to than Aaron. lol Strange segue to brother David’s sending multiple pictures of (what I eventually told him were our Dad’s) brown-weave loafers from Paris, there with Donna for terrific 25th celebration: Even my Dad’s old shoes are going to have a better time than Hernandez. Unkind but true.

Glenn S.