Rugby play an esoteric analogy for GOP shutdown situation

Possessing an eagles-eye view on the economy from register level, I *guarantee* there has been a massive puckering of the consumers collective wallet the last two weeks-plus. Yes, it has to do with the bullshit on budget.

Straight fact: Our Nautica location with a major Southeastern retailer made it to $20,000 sales for month three Sundays ago, then didn’t hit $30k until this past Fridays results. That’s just Nautica production, but two guys, 12 days to $10,000– it’s a straight line cause/effect from where I’m looking.

There’s been *plenty* of time for exchanging POVs with unbusy associates and certain customers, but instead of railing about ransom demands and dumbasses who keep saying, “Well, they (Dems) have to negotiate!” that makes me a bit crazy, this sports situation struck me as what the ‘Not Totally Looney Tunes’ members of House GOP need to consider looking for.

Fulfillment of duty and intestinal fortitude

Rugby is a tough game. Most shorthand descriptions use ‘football without helmets and pads’ and there’s definitely lots of hitting/tackling. There aren’t constant substitutes–15 players a side, you are both offense and defense, runner and tackler, usually for 40 minute halves. Forget the forwards, those 8 guys with heads tucked up tails and grinding on each other – probably in mud – most people visualize as rugby. (Nothing to do with The Play, just some useful basics)

The MUST About Kicking

There is kicking too.  A grubber is a ground kick, there are ‘up and unders’ (like a golf wedge) and of course, longer football-like punts downfield. The crux of this analogy, re: what Repubs HAVE to do in this specific financial-idealogical meltdown, is that the fullback *HAS* to catch the ball, even when it hangs just too damn dangerously long and he’s gonna get DRILLED by a wing or inside center. The only other possibility is kind of a ‘fair catch’ requiring simultaneously catching the ball and yelling ‘Mark!’ while digging a heel into turf.

The fact is, you’re usually told to start moving even if you’ve done it right, because the guy coming at you might not know or care about the rule. I wasted a *REF* playing a ‘B’ side game once myself, had to laugh at his keg comment about anticipation of hit, respected the fact he took it. My receiving experience on such a kick was the end of my first season, catching an extra game at fullback for a college side (Siena). That collision was the closest I ever got to being concussed–I’m not absolutely sure I wasn’t. Going over my handlebars at maybe 2 mph and face planting on a parked car (4 stitches, 2 cap teeth, ER ride$, dented flashing around cars rear window) was a similar crushing experience.


THE PLAY was, I couldn’t be a weenie and let the ball drop – that just wasn’t an option. When Boehener finally puts a bill up – *without the ransom demands and extra craziness, JUST the bill,* thats when every Congressman has to watch the ball hang against a gray Saturday afternoon sky and – because voting Pass/In favor of/whatever budgets and spending limits determines whether this country gets totally fked over by 40 crazy people – decide they’re willing to take the hit. They simply can’t fake caring, or relatively speaking, whiff on the situation because they don’t like the possibility of an expensive challenger next (2014) election time.

Make the right play guys– don’t be weenies, catch the ball and accept whatever the hit is. With ruggers its a mark of pride to take a whack and talk about it at the drinkup afterwards. But you’ve GOTTA make the play. The country, the world awaits what happens next.

Glenn S.