Easter sales moved my micro-economy, Queens Cup social is coming, and Yes, the #1 pick is a big deal

Easter, 1995 was when I decided to move from upstate NY to Charlotte, NC. My folks came up from Tampa for their 40th anniversary, youngest bro David and nephew Curtiss and I drove down. It was Chamber of Commerce weather, we golfed on the 9-hole course where The Cypress senior community is now. On Memorial Day I made the jump, never had any regrets.

‘Lifestyle’ is much different since landing at #gshorkonsharonroadseam in late-2021. A lot of Americans were on the move, pandemic constraints changed renting. My retail efforts are in a micro-economy where selling suits is my specific window-POV to report on. 2023 was my best earning year in the last five. I was under-withheld, so paying Fed taxes at about 8%.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be of service to my 89-year old mother, whom I brought two Lindor chocolate eggs and purple flowers to after church. Sending pictures to my bros is very affirming. Starting my 29th year in Charlotte, New Normal for lifestyle is steady, and creatively, #BoomerwithAttitude is still legitimate.

#gshorkonsharonroadseam is location, and suit-selling as micro-economy.

Saturday and Monday were both above average, a target-rich environment with another three-Bugachi shirt buyer ($160-180), a product I personally pump. Very few people are blinking about $650-$850 sports coats.

— Me, on Monday, after I dressed down to jeans, black sweater, sneakers vs. usual suit-tie, and did $3,400 sales in 6.5 hrs. Three guys bought the first jacket they tried on.

Need something for the Queens Cup Steeplechases?

There’s a mauve, hyper-light Peter Millar displayed in the department, and my current favorite intro for anyone around it is asking about the QCS in two weeks (April 29th). Several people have commented they’ve heard about the event, but never been. I give a quick social rundown, including my own wearing of a blue-on-blue Bugachi shirt, yellow Garcia tie, and antique Ferrari hat last year, skipping the seersucker jacket because it was extra hot.

One of the axioms of sales is people buy from those they like and trust. I’m certainly interested in helping others, *everybody* likes getting needs taken care of, and in my methodology, customer service starts with good information. Take a couple through how the slim cuts (Boss, Baker, Victor) fit differently under arms, presenting that good-looking, pebbly feel blue blazer in 38-short (sleeve length), while suggesting they consider a terrific social event costs ZERO. I think of it as ‘best practices.’

What Woman isn’t ready to help her guy find something gooood to wear beside her for a day of horse watching, drinks, big hats and short skirts, and this person says he’s been five times and NEVER had a bad day? Socially, I always look forward to it, and I’m sincerely willing to tell others about the ambiance and the Hotwalkers Ball while he’s trying on the small, black/blue window pane Ted Baker ($695) or Jack Victor. Win-win. Tickets https://www.queenscup.org/tickets/ .

Expecting to continue my streak of fun outings at #QueensCupSteeplechases on 29th.

Putting a jacket on the guy – versus letting them wrestle into it overhead –

is always a positive.

Yes, sport coat prices are catching up to cost of suits, and when a guy starts mentioning how else a jacket fits with his wardrobe, that’s for sure a positive. *Every*single*female* likes it when I say, “Guys often buy a suit and immediately want a white shirt, time out on that.”

Even if people are jogging through, a lookee-see, pointing out we have plenty of Peter Millar sports-shirts is a no-brainer. Everybody likes Millar, and digging a little for what someone might want is the Q&A that makes me a good consultant.

Panthers, still on our minds

The #Carolina Panthers will have the #1 pick in upcoming draft, and gaining the franchise level quarterback they’ve desperately needed is a soon to be fact. All the expected candidates will check 98% of the boxes, some pundits will note that (except for Jaylan Hurts), neither Ohio St. or Alabama has produced a great pro QB recently.

The lowdown on #Carolina Panther fandom:

That Super Bowl year so many remember whenever discussion of Cam’s current situation comes up, until the Panthers thumped Dallas 31-14 on Thanksgiving Day to stand at 10-0, many residents of the Buckle on the Bible Belt weren’t believing their team could make the Super Bowl.

That said, getting a #1 pick again, with a semi-clear path out of football purgatory, people have expectations. Belief will take a lot longer.

–Glenn S. ,4/14/23.

Few expected Rhule’s rudderless teams to be better than average, but that’s Past now, right? Panthers front office has earned nothing but league-wide respect, ending the dumpster fire of last couple years. Panther Pride? You betcha. All Tepper flaws forgiven? Hey, its Easter, lets go with the spirit of the season.