A Writer who’s ‘Smarter than the average bear’

As a contract resource or employee, on a scale between superb Matt Damon in “The Martian” and Yogi, the iconic picnic basket-snatching Bear, I can follow directions from afar, collaborate with or produce original takes on content across a wide professional spectrum. I’m confident a variety of career projects puts me ahead of that one-trick ‘smarter than the average bear.’

My RESPONDER-1 material as a real estate broker, focused on a firefighters niche, compiling multi-source contributions into reports as  editorial best practices, has always meant information worth knowing, considering, and using.

Interviewing is a baseline strength, long-term sports writer with great quotes, research and career expertise are articulated resources providing context to sports statistics. Speed in becoming a subject matter specialist is essential for consultants, journalists, and long-form informational bloggers.

The Q&A process of consulting and interviews is communicatimg factors most important to clients, what is essential to convey in content creation. Thirty-five years of editorial and sales related expertise.

Corporate newsletters to politics, business and sports features (50+ credits for Panthers FanSided site in 2018), CBD oil when hemp was legalized, senior healthcare, recruiting, and real estate are all in my bailiwick.

Knowing how to “dig” in client interview situations is mandatory for material research, a skill sharpened often in sales presentations.

Thought Leadership” – 1,200 words enough? 4,000 words about recycling and U.S. as world garbage challenges with lots of links?

Producing corporate Ordering and Return Procedures for an industrial laundry machinery operation (in a nifty 895 words)

Editing group essays of 130 rising juniors (HOBY Ambassadors) into chapters for a read-along book project highlighting qualities like confidence, loyalty, cooperation, and being trustworthy for a youth leadership organization, translates well in management reporting.

Motivational speaking skills are a confident, well-used asset in conveying operational steps at fundraising events, HOBY or CIS (Communities in Schools) youth leadership, or professional levels .

SEO and Tech Writing

There’s a real difference in needing-to-be-done-a-certain-way design for multiple operational layers, starting from scratch tech writing and compilation and interpretation of content, then presenting it with specified formats and “editorial values.” While CDTalent Enterprises https://cdtalententerprises.com/a-writer-whos-smarter-than-average-bear/ has produced in a variety of situations that create editorial depth, I’m much more the latter.

Good opportunity taken, enjoyed

This is an upgraded kronut by Sugarrmann, with an extra blob of flavorful lemon under the glazing, after I reviewed a previous version’s tastefulness. Super little crunch of layers for it being a cake donut, and give it an A-1 on the sugary-cinnamon overload.

Ugh! Reality of Panthers 2021 prediction couldn’t have been further from truth


2022 was a legitimate see you-later-year for Coach Rhule, Ikem Ekwonu is the stud OLT that solidified O-line as NOT a problem. CMC tears the league a new one, playing with a 2×4 sized chip on his shoulder turned out true, obviously elsewhere. Rhule gets to keep his job if they win 9 games seems ludicrous.

8/11/22 – My 38 years of sportswriting expertise speaks!

Looking forward to March and the draft, aren’t we Charlotte? An associate can’t seem to believe in GM Fitterer in getting the right people on the Panther bus personnel-wise, I say he’s done a pretty tight job. Care to vote on whether its an ‘A’ rated draft? (Gotta be a QB…)

Congratulations to new Head Coach Frank Reich and his staff, genuinely good thoughts for Coach Wilks at his new gig.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talent Enterprises 
(704) 502-9947

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