A Writer who’s “Smarter than the average bear”

gs-sgmc-ladies-nite-18As a contract resource or employee, on a scale between superb Matt Damon in “The Martian” and Yogi, the picnic basket-snatching Bear, I can follow directions from afar or produce original takes on content across a wide professional spectrum. I’m confident a variety of career projects puts me ahead of that one-trick “smarter than the average bear.”

My RESPONDER-1 material, specifically focused on a firefighters niche as a real estate broker, or compiling multi-department contributions into reports is at the core of  editorial best practices, which has always meant providing information worth knowing, considering, and using.

Interviewing is a baseline strength – what would a sports writer be without good quotes? – and “research” covers a lot of territory, but writing for the market and speed in becoming a subject matter specialist is essential for consultants, journalists, and long-form informational bloggers.

The Q&A process with consulting and interviews is about communications, never just interrogation. Determining the factors that are most important to clients, and what is essential to convey in content creation is a well-honed skill from over thirty years of editorial and sales related expertise.

Corporate newsletters to politics, business and sports features (50+ credits for Panthers FanSided site in 2018), CBD oil (manufacturer was *big* on SEO), senior healthcare, recruiting, and real estate are all in my bailiwick.

Knowing how to “dig” in client interview situations is mandatory for material research, a skill sharpened often in sales presentations.

PowerPoint slide deck? Sure. “Thought Leadership” – 1,200 words enough? 3,000 words about recycling and U.S. – world garbage challenges with lots of links? Done it (no tee-shirt).

Producing corporate Ordering and Return Procedures for an industrial laundry machinery operation (in a nifty 895 words) and distilling a 1,325 user mailing list from an 18,000 machine database and distributing it, that’s “value added.”

Editing group essays of 130 rising juniors (HOBY Ambassadors) into chapters for a read-along book project that highlighted qualities like confidence, loyalty, cooperation, and being trustworthy for a youth leadership organization, translates well in management reporting.

Motivational speaking skills being a confident, well-used asset are a point of pride, whether conveying operational steps at scholastic (fundraising), HOBY or CIS (Communities in Schools) youth leadership, or professional levels .

SEO and Tech Writing

There’s a real difference in needing-to-be-done-a-certain-way design for multiple operational layers, starting from scratch tech writing and compilation and interpretation of content, then presenting it with specified formats and “editorial values.” While CDTalent Enterprises has produced in a variety of situations that create editorial depth, I’m much more the latter.

A recent recruiter contact indicated there would be a paid training period by the client, so that all contract people were knowledgable in OpenText, and picking up something on gigs becomes career enhancing expertise for content writers. I haven’t been intimidated about using systems listed in job descriptions, and its good to know about up front training, which is nothing but good business.

Good opportunity taken, enjoyed

This is an upgraded kronut by Sugarrmann, with an extra blob of flavorful lemon under the glazing, after I reviewed a previous version’s tastefulness. Super little crunch of layers for it being a cake donut, and give it an A-1 on the sugary-cinnamon overload.

As of 9/23/21, still some room left


As I write tonight, the Panthers are expecting to go 3-0 on the season in Houston – its 7-6 at the half. Because they will be playing the 25th easiest schedule – based on going 5-11 last season – its going to take a ‘name’ win against someone to create belief here in the Queen City.

Week 5-6 are both at home (Eagles, Vikings) and next week we’ll see if the Cowboys really have the Dak Prescott they’ll need all year. But get to the GIANTS and FALCONS, away Weeks 7-8, and we’ll see how the front half of the schedule has played. 6-2 could be a legitimate record, but beating ‘those others’, especially away, counts in professional estimates of strength.

We should all know The GOAT is part of Bucs-Saints-Bucs at end of the season. No discussion of playoffs before then, but I’m sticking with 11-6, franchise reboot.

Me, 9/23/21

The Panthers defensive front seven has generated notice in the NFL, enough that Phil Snow’s name is already being bandied, but I’m not buying it. Mr. Snow is 66 – two more years, 68 and retired sounds better than all the headaches of head coach.

No, the Panthers offense won’t be the pre-season vanilla stuff any longer, and Mr. Darnold has notched a 300 yd. game and scored a couple himself. ALL the receivers are happy, and while CMC has gotten dinged again, lets not get crazy worried from the jump (and its NOT from overuse!)

Oh, and how about our delightful Fall weather? Philly fans, still gotta keep those shirts on.

Is this how the offense is supposed to look, and Sam just throws to the right guy? Uhhh, its a little more complex than ‘just’, but DJ Moore will be All-Pro AND get a contract extension some have worried about “breaking the bank” because Sam will be throwing to the right guys a lot.

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