A Writer who’s “Smarter than the average bear”

gs-sgmc-ladies-nite-18As a contract resource or employee, on a scale between superb Matt Damon in “The Martian” and Yogi, the picnic basket-snatching Bear, I can follow directions from afar or produce original takes on content across a wide professional spectrum. I’m confident a variety of career projects puts me ahead of that one-trick “smarter than the average bear.”

My RESPONDER-1 material, specifically focused on a firefighters niche as a real estate broker, or compiling multi-department contributions into reports is at the core of  editorial best practices, and that has always meant providing information worth knowing, considering, and using.

Interviewing is a long time strength – what would a sports writer be without good quotes? – and “research” covers a lot of territory, but writing for the market and speed in becoming a subject matter specialist is essential for consultants, journalists, and long-form informational bloggers.

The Q&A process with consulting and interviews is about communications, never just interrogation. Determining the factors that are most important to clients, and what is essential to convey in content creation is a well-honed skill from over thirty years of editorial and sales related expertise.

Corporate newsletters to politics, business and sports features (50+ credits for Panthers FanSided site in 2018), CBD oil (*big* on SEO), senior healthcare, recruiting, and real estate are all in my bailiwick. 

Knowing how to “dig” in client interview situations is mandatory for material research, a skill sharpened often in sales career situations.

PowerPoint slide deck? Sure. “Leadership Thought” – 1,200 words enough? 3,000 words about recycling and US-world garbage challenges with lots of links? Done it (no t-shirt).

  • Producing corporate Ordering and Return Procedures for an industrial laundry operation (in a nifty 845 words) and distilling-distributing it to a 1,325 user mailing list from an 18,000 machine data base, that’s “value added.” 
  • Motivational speaking skills being a confident, well-used asset, whether conveying operational steps at scholastic (fundraising), Hugh O’Brian Youth (leadership), or professional levels are a point of pride.
  • Editing group essays of 130 rising juniors (HOBY Ambassadors) into chapters for a read-along book project that highlighted qualities like confidence, loyalty, cooperation, and being trustworthy for a youth leadership organization, translates well in management reporting.

SEO and Tech writing

There’s a definite difference in needing-to-be-done-a-certain-way design for multiple operational layers, starting from scratch tech writing vs. compilation and interpretation of content, then presenting it with specified formats and “editorial values.”

A recent recruiter contact indicated there would be a paid training period by the client, so that all contract people were knowledgeable in Open Text, and picking up something on gigs becomes career enhancing expertise for content writers. I haven’t been intimidated about using systems listed in job descriptions, and its good to know about up front training, which is nothing but good business.

CDTalent Enterprises has produced in a variety of situations that create editorial depth.


This is an upgraded kronut by Sugarrmann, with an extra blob of flavorful lemon under the glazing, after I reviewed a previous version’s tastefulness.  Outstanding little crunch of layers for a cake donut, massive cinnamon sugar satisfaction.               

I’m not a coder.

There’s no actual WIN! just because someone responds, although IMHO, sending the right kind of message about “variety” by better communicating relevant experience is its own reward.


March Madness Time – School or $$$?

You’ve just watched a team wreck someone in conference tournament. When the brackets are announced, they’ll probably face “your guys” (school, life-long fav) in the second round.  Is it a heart question, or picking your best bracket?

A – Dammit, yeah, gotta pick school. You never know…

B – Well, I had whoever losing in the next round, so its okay to pick school.

C – No, I was one point from winning last year, I need every W. Take the $$ team with the all-conference big man AND scoring guard.

D – Oh man, picking against Michigan State?  You gotta drive a stake in their hearts for big games. I always pick the best team. 

3/23/2020 – The premise of picking against “homeys,” with a Final Four date in April for CDTalent Enterprises to write 1,200 word Leadership Thought blogs for two readers, has been extended. If you just want to leave a comment, feel free.

As a mostly remote worker, and someone who does a number of physical, outdoor activities solo, this world-event virus hasn’t changed that level of lifestyle, nor my operational effectiveness on a contract basis. Personally and professionally, there are still any number of effective projects to go forward with:

During Week Two of “staying put,” I edited a 73,000 word previously self-published book onto the wattpad application over six days, and adding pictures! I pushed my favorite project, CARDS & CONSEQUENCES: Return of Marlena the Magnificent into a much better orbit.

What would that mean for your “operation?”





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