More Than Enough About A-Rod

Having read the most recent, well, through this mornings trashy but definitive measurements of self-medicating self-enhancement, I admit to being stunned about what there could be left to fight about or admit regarding Alex Rodriguez. I found just the *constant* flogging of the upcoming ’60 Minutes’ interview MORE than I wanted/needed to know, the regimen followed clear. Where is there a shred of DOUBT about what transpired in any reasonable mind?

That’s kind of a baseline reading of facts. The guy didn’t just ‘juice’, he lived the whole life. But sueing your freaking UNION, that’s where I think the trolley has gone off the tracks. My brother Dave caught a couple wildcat strikes while working for GE after getting his MBA, but even beyond protections granted by contract that allowed irresponsible behavior by a 20-man walkout, A-Rod is operating in a rarefied air of narcissism. This is what they call ‘dead bang guilty’ folks, and this guy is sueing the only group–even though they clearly hate his guts– that HAD to watch his back on certain issues.

In a lot of places in the world, there’s a willingness to admit that keeping a mad/crazy dog around just isn’t right, and yep, ya’ gotta do sumpthin’ about it. I’m not talking a double tap in middle of the street, but any changing of number of games suspended is moot: while there will almost inevitably be an on-going wrestling at the fringes of this saga, A-Rod is mostly toast. If the Yankees get out of paying his salary during suspension, I find myself cheering for the possibility, just because it’d be one more stick it! moment for the poster boy for Arrogant.

I’ll take everything down to the bottom line. After a conversation that included invoking baseball writers *not selecting anyone last year*, and fact Pete Rose’s overwhelming hit record vs. betting on own team as not worthy of Hall of Fame standard, A-Rod is as close to the HoF as either of us is going to get. I felt zero compassion for Raphael Palmiero, after his finger pointing in a Congressional hearing, about “I have NEVER taken…” and then testing positive. A fine hitter-contributor for many years, Palmiero’s the early favorite for getting dissed by selectors based on Steroid Era stats. Bonds, wow, thats going to be a hot potato, but as to A-Rod and Rafe, like Joe Pecci in ‘My Cousin Vinnie’ says, “I’m done with deez guyz.”

Rodriguez and lacking any doubt that *nobody* is going to give him a contract AFTER this suspension, I don’t care any more than I do about the (druggy) Tour de France, although truthfully, I do find the dramatic, exhaustive, even superhuman effort involved there worth writing about. There ya’ go Alex, you rank below bicycling in the Pyrennes.

Glenn S.