Admit to Satisfaction with a Manly-Man, Sweat of the Brow, 50-hr. week of Effort


This week was alllll about the physical effort, and while I’m satisfied about doing the deeds, equally important was getting paid, because economics-based changes from previous time priorities/activities is what I’m about right now. I’m committed to similar full-time effort– with likely overtime– for several more weeks; I’m also aware of the beating considerations coming for that creaky left liability of a knee…and workers comp. And y’know, there’s that uncool tug at the top of spine thing at times, too…

This week was alllll about the physical effort, and doing the necessary deeds included a 3rd floor walk-up because the elevator wasn’t inspected. A $50 tip definitely counted.

On a Sunday full of rain, yardwork has been eliminated from To Do list, ditto washing my silver Hyundai, Bullitt2. I’m thinking of a cigar after late dinner of shrimp in red sauce on linguine, because yeah, that affirms a level of reward for a Manly-Man ‘by the sweat of your brow’ 50 hour week of effort. All the gurus say rewards are important—believe it.

Monday and Tuesday were definitely an up-close and personal view of how the moving industry works, eleven hour days of pack and lift and unpack. Job #1 was pack-moving parts of home for senior community move, #2 was a full truckload (a sweet 85 degrees), and we took pride in beating the time-crunch boss had regarding a trip to Vegas. Trust me, getting OFF the street level work as soon as possible is my Real Deal, and I’m sure boss (Scott) doesn’t want to be loading/unloading in June-July-Aug. any more than I do.

Two network events worked well mid-week, especially a FOCUS (Fellowship of Communities Uniting Seniors) luncheon Wed. While somewhat touchie-feelie for my taste– and speaker wound up leaving minimal time to chat with others because everyone ate first– I got that ONE CONTACT that makes networking events worth attending. After quick table-by-table introductions at very end, lady comes over and, because I’d mentioned ‘my 2nd book becoming a speeding bullet of a movie’ as part of the jabber session, she’d recognized my name as someone her buddy always talks about having written a book. Small world! Attagirl! for Brittany Kearney for a full house on her home turf at Golden Living.

Chris and I wound up with significant windshield time at end of week, driving to far end of 74 *twice*: Leland was a 413 mi. round trip— using my Hyundai– to unload a lady whose stuff came on truck from the CT end of this operation. The ELEVATOR hadn’t been inspected in new place, which required carrying everything up to 3rd floor. Nice people, $50 tip worked fine, but I was glad that was the last real hump for the week.

Friday was literally getting paid for just being there. We picked up four boxed sofas in High Point on a NAVIS contract, and super-friendly shipping manager literally ran them onto our truck, we strapped them in and headed to Wilmington. Toughest part of whole operation was finding the factory for pickup, because the address was wrong. Nothing spectacular about the 3 1/2 hours of NC scenery, but in Wilmington, Chris had those boxes on the dock in no time flat, and we were back in truck for 4 hr. drive back. Easy peazy, and all on overtime rate. Hello again, Newcastles…

Overall, with OT and tips, it was a $800+/wk., and it’s been a while since I hit even that kind of number with a real estate check. Yep, I’m liking the prospect of regular paychecks again A LOT. I’m also excited about attending the Queens Cup Steeplechases next Saturday, a favorite, high quality social event where I am 5-for-5 having a great time over the years.

Does any of this concern DT and North Korea vs. my own economic persistence?

Not a bit.