“Better than four years ago?” Actually…

I mentioned work cohort Jack and I blew away our sales goal (Nautica better sportswear) in August even while I was doing reunion trip to Upstate NY, and that I didn´t directly blame Obama for last week being crappy saleswise during Demo’s convention here. Slump kind of ended with paying for myself (need $1200/day) Wednesday, and with another major weekend sale in swing and my two biggest customers buying new, full-price Fall product, I hit $1600 Friday.

I was outstanding with one particular husband-wife client in particular, with key player a once-yearly type clothes buyer. While ANYBODY should be able to pump the total with that situation, I clinched trust about being All That Salesman early by finding two very different jeans that fit as desired and I’d described. After employee discounts the tab was $385, and thats definitely a win. Almost got that important credit app with another $500+ sale (would’ve meant bending another rule, but I got green light for future such opportunities) and finale was a gentleman just under that cha-ching! $500 level. Polo salespeople hit that on regular basis, but outside of outerwear, our highest priced shirts are $69.50.

To the point of better than four years ago. I began another reunion with retail the day before Thanksgiving in 2007, after an unsatisfying hitch with a Renaissance Festival operation that screwed me on contract where I would’ve been moving to Phoenix and EXACTLY when the crap hit the proverbial fan big time. Chances for returning to long-time professional situation as executive assistant were less than zero for quite a while, but I’ve recently gotten feelers/responses on better side of $30,000 and that’s encouraging in a basic way.

I made


$25,000 in 2011, but honestly wasn’t denied doing anything vacation-wise; I enjoyed eight days of Tampa in March, nephews commissioning/Mothers Day in Daytona and 35th reunion with great day at the track that paid for golf immensely even if gas has gone up 50 cents since. Four days facilitating a leadership seminar for South Carolina HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth) in late June was truly uplifting–I defy anyone to mix with 125 of a state’s best and brightest and not get inspired. I have medical coverage that includes both chiropractic visits and a co-pay for blood pressure meds. I live four miles from work, so gas isn’t the bear it obviously is for others. There’s a bus line in front of my apartment complex if things get too pricey. I really appreciate having a pool available for laps and sunning almost two years now, and the dryers are absolutely A-1; throw whatever you’ve got in, $1.20 does it.

Point is, its still a 1-1 case about looking at progress on American Dream and this current economic situation is no better (worse?) than FOURTH on my personal list of negative times. I’ve joked about my investments being in lottery tickets, but I also didn’t get whacked like what Maddow and others scammers did to many who thought they’d put themselves beyond economic woes. High-level number-crunching brother Steve has advised our folks on certain moves quite successfully forever. Bonus money I get from Nautica won’t make extraordinary differences in my economics, but if that lottery ticket thing ever worked, he or maybe former boss Bill Trahan would be on a short list of people I’d trust to help me.

I don’t believe the Republicans are as happy with Romney as Demos are with Obama, and CHRIST! did Romney go ballistic bad opening his yap about the embassy deaths, and even two of three brothers have issues with some BS stances. I offer online opinions with LinkedIn and policymic on a regular basis (okay, match.com too), so I’m aware and involved in the public discourse. I’d recommend (will find link for next time) a recent Al Jazzera ‘Cafe’ production as an example of great journalism, and thats not something we find everywhere. It featured REAL good thinkers from eight very divergent POVS and *rolled the film*. It was a fascinating look at slices of our situation from a “hey, its THOSE GUYS!” source definitively removed from AMERICAN politics, with all respect due to Bill Mahar.

This blog is generally about my eagle-eye view on the economy from retail front row-$$ in the registers-inventory and any fun being had. There will be sports notes of course, politics because I’m clearly going to be affected about that soon-future Next. Good thoughts sent as I head for poolside with a brewskie and feeling of yes, having paychecks every two weeks and a shot at bonus money now through Christmas means I’m better off than four years ago.

Glenn S.

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