Gripes About Retail at End of 55 Years

January is a slow sales month, and February is, well, worse. Tomorrow is my birthday and I certainly didn’t expect to be sweating the economics of 30 hour work weeks and how many $20 (75% off!) jackets I need to sell to pay for myself at this point in life, so getting some gripes off my chest just might be useful. If you’re guilty of similar behavior, consider being a ‘customer upgrade’ and change!

“All I want to do” is almost always trouble because the customer KNOWS they’re on wrong side of standard operating procedure. Lady brought a shirt to counter other day and “all I want” request was take her shirt from elsewhere and swap it for right size. “Its a Vineyard Vines, you won’t have any trouble selling it” was the rationale. Oh, and let’s do the same with this sweater. “Call a manager” is definitely a jaw grinder because obvious expectation is you’ll cave rather than risk embarassment of being overruled. After recently refusing to call a manager because guy pointed out (and NOT just kidding around) similar shirts in big/tall area were 40% off and this one had lot less material so it should cost less, his following me through three departments to see my name tag after suggesting he try that reasoning with another salesperson was unreal.

Won’t get overly deep here, but a couple things you can fix easily. Leaving clothes inside out and on the changing room floor–does your mama deserve a headslap for teaching you that? Can’t figure cost of 50% off item? Come on! Being max enthused about an item that’s exactly what wanted, then returning next day because wife or girlfriend didn’t like it. Returning some childrens game to my counter because you’re too lazy to go to downstairs; bringing Polo (or ladies wear returns) because going to righter place means some sneakiness would be recognized immediately. Especially with returns, being a nasty ‘bulldozer’ vs. remembering flies and honey/vinegar axiom. I may be ’empowered’ to cut you slack, but trying to prove some invisible DUMBASS is written on my forehead will NEVER get my cooperation.

Glenn S.

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