Apres ‘Black Friday’, I’ll Cash the Check

Don’t get me wrong, after a highly enjoyable, 35-person strong family Thanksgiving, I made it to MSER (major Southeastern retailer) job at 3am with a knee brace and sand wedge cane, my ‘knee injury’ the result of an awkward misstep going to an oyster table. According to coworkers, Vineyard Vines of course, there’d been a decent first 3 hrs. after 8pm opening, but I did about $400 before going home at 7:30am. Jack *CRUSHED* it, knocking out $11,000 Friday from 7a-7p. Saturday was a walkover victory, and bonus on $74k month final total is second time in a row.

I’m still all negative about opening T’giv evening, but people ARE spending money…Good generally and for my specific ‘commission mission’, but $$ in the door vs. ‘just’ employee distress raises the spectre of *Christmas opening*, and someone will kindly shoot– uhh, how about ‘plug’?–the first ivory tower dips–t that dares to mention that. I don’t expect to be involved in another go-round in retail anyway; getting decent feelers about contract communications specialist has me optimistic about changes early in 2014.
So good to see DUKE winning 10 games and getting into ACC title game–even against the 1980s level of high-voltage Florida State offense they’ll see in Charlotte. Having had the opportunity to talk with several Duke players during their excursion before bowl game last year– especially a pair of running back twins and the explosive Sneed–it was actually another player that told me quite sincerely, their team loved playing a bowl game as a marker/judgment of what they’d accomplished, which was going from nowhere to, well, a bowl game. That player had nothing but positive expectations for what another year would mean for all of them, because they’d taken the first big step.

It’s a small, special feeling to know you saw ‘it’, were there for the beginning of what all those kinda-like-me-of-yore athletes (a little bigger, not 6’7″ 344 lbs. bigger though) should be congratulated for. I’m not a Dookie, but as wild as Auburn’s return for TD finish was, or Michigan’s gutsy ‘go for two and victory’ loss was, notching ten Ws, a chance for a conference championship and maybe more represents a brilliant moment in their athletic-personal lives. yay!

Glenn S.

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