Come on Guys, It’s Legit to Like Amy Schumer!

Two things sealed the deal for me regarding Schumer: One is knowing she WROTE ‘Trainwreck’ vs. just acted in it, much like the immediate respect I had for Matt Damon (ok, and Ben A.) so long ago with ‘Good Will Hunting’. Second, and it had me laughing almost as much as Fallon when I heard it on the Tonight Show, was her texting Katie Couric’s hubby, ‘I want to have anal tonight’. Relating that she turned the phone to a friend and said, “Oh, look what happened!” and the friend saying, “That didn’t *happen*, you DID it!” had Jimmy pounding his hand on the table and practically screaming at the idea.

Really, the possibility of hanging with a woman who is AWESOME enough to see a cell phone and actually *do* something so over the top to a major personality, what’s not to like guy-wise? I bet at least ONE of those depth chargers she and Bill Hader scarf down in the movie was the real deal, too. Probably the first one, just to get in character.

Not having seen her stand-up routine (but highly motivated to do so soon), I can only imagine it’s as fast and loose as what I’ve read about, and if the trailer material for movie is even close to her Reality, again, what’s not to like? Also on the ‘Tonight Show’, she mentioned an ex-boyfriend showing up at an event with some sleek new woman, physically the offspring of a panther and something else, and she was self-deprecating enough to say (motioning around the thickness in her own midriff), “Come on, wouldn’t you really want some of THIS?” because she is not a dainty female. She’s got to be right at the edge of what Rick James was talking about with “the type you don’t bring home to Muth-ahh,” but as a bona fide Joker in a world that seems overly concerned with being seen doing something outside the pale, geez!

Forget whether you can convince your couch-riding buddies to do a slightly stupid (or *risky*, ooooo!) deal, I’m betting there’s no need for cameras to facilitate remembering what happened when she’s around. Legally its probably a better idea not to have them either, just in case some particular edge scrapes up against a more formal ‘DO NOT’. If Ashton Kuetcher ever tried to Punk her, the episode would’ve been a short one, because she’d say F- it! and have the antagonist in for a couple pops, and then he’d have to watch over his shoulder for the payback. It might be a burden to constantly be ‘on’ for the minions who are in search of wild & crazy, Belushi and many others have found early graves driving in the fast lane, but its difficult to imagine her as the white picket fence and three kids (I can hear her saying, “one of each” now) type.

Somewhere there are guys (or ladies, if you take that line in movie to heart) she spent time with in the past who will think getting in touch with the tabloids and spilling about something they did together years, or even a couple weeks ago (hello, Michael Phelps), is going to create a payday. Really, what would shock you to hear about Amy, any more than say, a former Olympic decathlon gold medalist standing up on the ESPYs to receive an award for courage, because the world was allowed to watch as they changed sex, and then got their new self on the cover of Vanity Fair?

Okay, that she *doesn’t* actually think anyone who plays sports is an intellectual dwarf, that would probably surprise me, but I’d have expected 2-3 takes before LeBron didn’t bust up when she says that to his face in the movie. On the totally flip side, that she stood next to a cousin who’s a Congressman and spoke emotionally–the next day– about gun control after two young females were shot/killed while attending the premier of ‘Trainwreck’, is not your average actress.

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