Panther tickets, fire fighters, oysters—It’s a brother share thing

A lot of PSL owners got to send the Love to military-first responders 

Friday afternoon my older brother, Mike, informed me that other Charlotte brother, Steve, wanted to give us his tickets for Panthers home opener Sunday. After watching a 46-27 Panthers do-as-we-want victory, with Cam sharp (24/40, 353 yds, 4 TD/1 int) most of the day, Benjamin reminded people why this offense is dangerous (8/108, TD) with him back. Along with Olsen’s long catch-run for TD, and Funchess’ TD catch from 16 yards, Gano’s final kick with 1:03 left beat back every 49er threat..

As for the love showed to veterans and first responders at the stadium, it took a lot of people to carry that field-covering flag. Charlotte started this season on the road, but 9/11 wasn’t forgotten just because the date wasn’t same. Having met an articulate group of vets at a Charlotte Bridge Home luncheon, and many fire fighters are veterans, my “thank you for your service” is sincere.

Barring an ongoing feud over politics, or maybe someone’s stupidity regarding a recent carpet stain though, brothers getting first shot at sports tickets, that’s just how it should roll– definitely  before any guy in another cubicle.

Organizations like fire fighters are synced on being a brotherhood, trusting the guy next to you does his job right, knowing that in the clutch, you can rely on him/her to the max, even to making a life-death difference at times. Cops and military share that, too: they know and count on a shared line of thought, history, that common training in procedures. 24 hours together is common for fire fighters; if you don’t always like another guy on a daily basis, neither do blood brothers.

Over the last couple days, I’ve had opportunities to help several fire fighters find RESPONDER-1 site, the KW app with MLS accuracy I promised in first blog, and previous real estate focused writing. The goal of ‘RESPONDER-1 on Real Estate’ ( is providing something worth knowing about, considering, and using, so I’ll share two facts: Wells Fargo’s 3% down mortgage program, which is both better than FHA rate and less stringent about buyers ability to have ‘gift money’ involved in down payments, is worth hearing more about from a financial agent. More importantly, while called yourFirst Mortgage, the program is also available to buyers who *aren’t* buying first homes.

While I don’t have any Panther tickets, I do have a couple books of $25 tickets for my community groups Oyster Roast & Music Jam on October 22, which is Panthers off week. We showed everyone who attended—that Saturday between the ice storm and NFC Championship game–an excellent time in January. When I say, “Trust me on that,” I believe pointing you at a good time is as right a place to start on trust as any.

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