‘The Producers’ was terrific theater, Social Summer rolls on


The first week of my 25th year in Charlotte certainly felt like a success, especially the social aspects of live Theatre Charlotte on Thursday evening for ‘The Producers,’ and then a quantity of long, pretty straight whacking of golf balls on Saturday, with oysters and beers post-whacking.

I’m very glad I was able to find the venue on Queens Road, although having circled the Booty Loop plenty of times, I didn’t recall passing Theatre Charlotte before. Still, I got my beer and popcorn and was able to get right into a third row seat during the first scene changes. THIS is what live theater is about people, enthusiastically performed and almost touchable close.

According to all I spoke with during intermission, no pros were involved either, so extra impressive and kudos to all, especially those young actors. The female lead was just the right stereotype of sexy-Swedish competence, and the singing-dance numbers were solid every time.

Always so cool, parents who care and families waiting afterwards, such a slice of American pie for performers, to catch those affirming positives.

It was an exceptional opportunity to talk with a variety of people about the theater and Charlotte in general, and quite an articulate crowd. Several teachers were proud to mention those in the cast they’d coached, citizens with opinions were easy to approach.

I’ve said it before about the Queens Cup Steeplechases: “An aura of Good Will permeates the environs,” and it was true post-final curtain at ‘The Producers.’ 

Mentioning the small annoyance of microphones taped to actors foreheads is a truth, as was the almost flawless flow in keeping with the movie version. (Well, except for the Nazi trying to blow the place up, and the bar scene where the producers first grasp that the crowd is loving on ‘Springtime for Hitler,’ and their guaranteed flop is actually a hit.)

I asked the lady next to me about photos, because it was a little giddy to be so close, it would have been a killer shot, but glad all were willing to abide the “please, no,” and enjoy the show. Short notes: The Bloom character was a really strong singer, the Nathan Lane character was channeling him, and the egoist-director who substitutes for the Nazi (after he breaks a leg) was All That.

I’m definitely willing to try local theater again, and it shouldn’t be a problem to stuff the tip jar when it helps operations like local theater survive with volunteers in any way.

* * * *


I love a little show time myself, and in two weeks I’ll be a morning Harambee reader again this year at Oakhurst STEAM Academy. Its “just” ten minutes of reading for a summer school morning jazz up session, but as I said last year, Never let it be said you didn’t do the least that could be done.

Early on in my picture book presentation, I used the TIME cover of Black Panther while asking if anyone knew who THIS guy was – so I had their attention for sure. If being relevant, and reading a story with excitement in your voice for ten minutes is all the world needs, I’ll do what I can for the READ Charlotte program.

* * * *

Alas,  having become more of a golf enthusiast, I need to get much better sticks than I have now.  I’ve hit the same bag of clubs for over twenty years, but y’know, even while coaching my date, Lefty,  I did tag the majority of a large bucket pretty well. My footwork is solid now, and even shots that leaked right had length. Looking forward to the summer for sure.

Glenn S.





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