Panthers Played Like Needed to, My Results Were Just Better

Carolina Panther fans can certainly be a fickle group to please, and nobody from Cam Newton or Jordon Gross to the furthest tail-gating location on game days is going the moral victory route after Sunday’s 30-28 barnburner in Atlanta.  By the numbers, including 3 1/2 sacks by Charles Johnson on a day the Panthers D (really, its a legit word) clawed Matt Ryan to the ground SEVEN times, there were kudos available to many.  There’s still that cellar-dwelling 1-3 on the books, but “except for that pass” as Charlotteans will undoubtedly opine regularly this week, it really was a good game.

Having alternate Sundays off is part of rotation we’re maintaining even with Jack still away, so I gladly watched the game, with beers and a massive plate of chili ‘n chips with all the fixings. Very entertaining, and you could definitely appreciate offense coming back, down 24-14 before going ahead 28-24 on a 36 yard TD to Kealoha Pilares, and downing a punt inside the one with 1:09 to go (after Atlanta forced a Newton fumble) was textbook. Knowing how things eventually worked out, its legit to say that all things considered, I had a better day Saturday than the team did Sunday.  

Having done my best to nail that final $3000 (in Nautica merch) in search of bonus, I posted another $1700 day, including late Vineyard Vines sales that helped overall volume (I’m ALMOST ‘out of the hole’) but don’t factor into bonus.  Experience in sales situations gives you a feeling for estimating, like last December when Jack and I didn’t feel strong enough about a $2600 overall volume–we barely scored a major payoff because on a hunch I bought $145 that last day of the year.  Driving in Monday, 2.0 stuck in my mind. We hadn’t gone that large since Labor Day, but Friday’s $1.6 brought us to $30.7 (1000s), so getting $2000 was all about that arithmetic Bill Clinton mentioned. 

Recognize that needing $2k and ‘only’ producing $1700 is the essential equation, meaning the results–Nautica sales by *anyone* contribute to production goals– were greater than my significant personal efforts even before subtracting non-Nautica sales. I left a message for Jack right after I got the $32.7 figure from the Polo guys, because unexpectedly good news is one of the truly best things to share.  I’d strapped it on, done the max I possibly could, and having earned rewards of a tangible-spendable kind, I admit that’s always jazzed me.  Now I’m working on a streak!  and for the record, Jack and I came into Nautica last August and put together eight straight months in bonus money.  The cash won’t last long, but there’s enough to invest in a cigar to share with Steve the number crunching brother, continue that lottery ticket purchasing– I had *2* numbers last $200 million-plus possibility– and then perhaps some Padron with buddy Bridget.  Yeah, thats the ticket.

Tomorrow will entail tending smoky grills from 7am-4 as our Mens Club (church-related vs. legendary place on Tyvola) gears up for 4th annual BBQ. Never been on that detail before. We’ll see if I hang around for the pickin’ and packin’ after that.

Glenn S.

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