How/Why do they do it? (as in Holy Crap! Stupid)

Let’s start with what seems like the easiest of three situations to apply ‘How/Why?’ question to.  Why, after years of getting kicked around, would the Washington Nationals deny themselves an honest-to-goodness shot at a World Series by not putting Steven Strasberg on their postseason roster? My answer is he’s on the roster even if you don’t use him, but if he’s been throwing despite not playing, you stick him in the Cards ear, even if you keep your fingers crossed a little.

Strasberg, he of the 100 mph+ heater and knee-buckling curve, was 15-6 with 197 Ks in 159.1 innings in this season after reconstructive surgery on his valuable right arm when GM Mike Rizzo said he’d reached the limit they’d set for him. Nats lead baseball with 98 wins despite his shelving with 3 1/2 weeks to go, but after leading St. Louis 2-0 in games and then 6-0 in the deciding Game 5, just how much (or positive) of a “learning tool/experience” will sitting home during the Series be for the team?  Will players or fans ever stop wondering if Strasberg getting the ball in Game 3 or 5 would’ve been a ticket to the next round and possibly beyond? Answer: No, never. Not a chance.

Second Holy Crap! moment is Jack coming back to work Monday after two solid weeks in Memphis at his daughter’s hospital and our manager making a ha-ha comment about him getting a credit card application that played off his daughter being alive as a small miracle.  Jack was on the clock *less than a minute*, and while I actually PREDICTED manager would make exactly the style comment he did, there MUST BE some kind of common decency line waaaay back that should’ve kept him from saying anything except “glad she’s okay enough for you to come back.”

Lastly, when the word ‘SPECIFICALLY’ is used in an instruction, and watching the Vice-Presidential debate I’m certain I heard the moderator use it at LEAST three seperate times before giving the next question to Mr. Ryan, how could he continue giving generalized/rote answers and still have people think his measured tones beat the animated and very clearly on-point Joe Biden (even with facial gestures and interruptions he used being a little uncool)?  Example: $5 trillion in taxes cuts–how SPECIFICALLY will they be paid for (vs. adding to unreal debt)?  Biden says only two areas of budget, mortgage and college cost deductions, are  “loopholes” that provide enough dollars to close that massive a gap, and why can’t (or won’t) Romney-Ryan admit they are going to gut them if given the chance, but Ryan tap dances around things just the same. 

Iran and nukes situation–Joe B. said sanctions are proving to have a very significant effect (ie- 40% devaluation of currency in one week, reduced national income, rioting by the public) and Iran’s a long way from having a vehicle to deliver a weapon even if time of having refined materials has gotten very, very close.  Ryan kept saying ‘Obama foreign policy unraveling’, and (just?) “have to change ayatollahs minds.”  Yeah, like those guys have EVER shown the slightest movement off zero regarding anything the Great Satan wants. 

Afghanistan ‘surge’ troop withdrawals? Biden said 315,000 security forces had been trained and along with the U.S.’s 49 allies, 2014 is time to let Afganis take care of themselves, “otherwise (like in Iraq) they won’t step up, just continue to be content to let us handle things.”  Ryan says they agree with 2014 date BUT… shouldn’t give enemies a calendar date where they can wait you out and shouldn’t remove 30,000 troops if going to lose whatever alleged things have been gained in 10 years of combat. (Biden jumped in, “you think we should keep sending Americans on patrols instead?” to no answer.)

That political How? is the biggie of course, but here’s betting that President Obama takes a clue from Biden and jumps Romney every time he tries pulling a swift one Tuesday night, which he neglected to do in first debate. That’s the difference between the Prez and the Nats at this point–bringing ALL your ammo if you want to win.

Glenn Shorkey

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