Commercial’s right about two being better– and 3 jobs better yet?

After 12+ hrs. on inventory and one of the last checkers out on Sunday, I’m taking an elementary step towards supplementing my regular bill-paying, benefits providing, reduce to 30 hours-by-executive-fiat-job, beginning with a 7:30 am meeting about fundraising that I scheduled around three straight days off. I’ve worked with Kurt N. before, and meeting includes web content and specific products-programs I’ll be promoting in the scholastic sports arena beginning shortly. Leaving behind economic negatives about a truncated ‘regular’ work schedule, I’ve decided to proactively seek additional opportunities in what I believe requires entrepeunerial spirit in economic action, somehow make my extra time worth while to others.

My professional background in large and small group motivation is a long-time strength, and with a manageable goal in group sales there should be a reasonable payoff for consistent efforts. I have always appreciated a well-displayed carrot, and at least until the end of this year that includes some commission $$ at day job in retail. Jack and I weren’t near last years figures, missing by over $7000, but nobody really was–Polo was $50k-plus shy of last December (which was a record) but we still pumped PLENTY of product down the stretch. Speaking from the ‘eat what you drag back to the cave’ mentality, working the Nautica line for 16 months provided opportunities for extra cash above commission. Our two-man dept. probably goes to 30 hrs. next week, so there’s really no growth possible there. Having consistently warned ‘day job’ customers about slashing staffing levels 20% might affect their shopping experience through FEBRUARY, I see an some pretty short-sighted personnel screwing for the sake of a probably unfixable budget. It’s not going to enhance anyone’s perceptions of Availabilty or Willingness to Recommend (a ghastly 25% on the first 4 returns of the year)when there’s factually nobody around to take their money. I’ve never been Just a Clerk ringing the register; I’m a Salesperson, that truly sorta terrific guy who gave succinct and clear directions, had solid and helpful info and opinions that’s missing from skeleton-staffing.

Getting back to guerilla marketing tactics and counting volume hits a pride chord, but I’m proud of the fundraising/sports memorabilia I’ll also be doing locally and for the So. Carolina chaper of the HUGH O’BRIAN YOUTH (SC HOBY) youth leadership organization as well. Committing to HOBY after 3 days of facilitating a certain Team Belgium in June is energizing to the psyche, brings personal giving to an elevated level. I’m taking advantage of opportunity to sharpen my game, and for my Bottom Line, serving a small but important clientele (like HOBY) for free works because it affirms my belief in Quality People doing the right things at the right time. Experts agree, if you’ve really got a passion that translates into actions for another organization or person, unpaid ‘free time’ in your weekly schedule becomes Better vs. just a bite.

They always say work your passion and you’ll never have a job. Or at least not a second one. When I start getting my production right, I’ll let you know.

Glenn Shorkey

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