Notre Dame Loss Quickly Lost in the Sauce

The Notre Dame claim to rising onto the throne of college champion was pulverized early by Nick Saban’s ‘Bama squad last week, officially becoming a dynasty The Bear can’t take credit for. There will ALWAYS be houndstooth hats and jackets worn, and Tide lovers will forever hug this years coronation to its collective bosom. Eaaaasy there about hugging and bosoms Brent ol’ boy, that’s THE QUARTERBACKS honey you’re drooling on…

It was 21-0 by the time I got from work to the business end of a Bacaratt at The Crisiz Center, and in absolute and statistical terms, the gold domers couldn’t get runners on the ground == pulverized. Notre Dame’s best move was offered late, and despite the derisive way I’ve viewed ND for a decade, they did earn their previous 12-0. ALABAMA *is* that good, and there’s really no controversy about Best Team right now. Ultimate playoff? I’ve never felt bad about two places lifting singular digits if thats how it came out. At the end of a week of bowls and an awesome opening set of pro games though, it became anti-climatic. Then came THIS weekend of football nirvana, and thankfully, the Irish getting whupped is quietly laid to rest, and everyone should pay the $5 you were willing to talk about “just to make it interesting.” Nice year and yes, Johnny Football DID deserve the Heisman more than your guy too.

Ray Lewis continues the Retirement Tour, and you can BET that warrior answers the bell next week. Most asked question: how do you not get far enough back to NOT allow a 72yard or whatever last gasp?

Work has involved beaucoup returns, but also wound up with more like 33 hrs. than previously proscribed 30. Saw plenty of football while carving out well above average weekend. Making positive strides on those special interests (like SC HOBY) because of 3-day off work week was cool. Decided as addition to BPBGRJ (bill paying, benefits giving regular job) to push some hours/units elsewhere, and both business meetings in that area were solid. I’ve reconnected with previous volunteer experiences, and bike riding or shooting hoops physical activity is always suggested, but doing fun or profound whatever that hits your Bazinga! button makes sense too. Meeting that Kiwanis group Thursday moved HOBY portion of my personal goals forward greatly–I’m ready for visit to South group with another lunch time available, then on to Columbia perhaps…Success isn’t always about the paycheck.

The NCAA does a great commercial about “This isn’t the finish line in life” thats equal to a previous “462,000 whatever NCAA athletes, and most of us will go pro in something else” public service message. I mention that because Notre Dame has nothing more to accomplish for now, and next year is their legitimate measuring period. Mine however has become creating units and dollars with the hours provided each week, same as its ever been. Now I have better communications tools though. Notre Dame put some points on the board at the end, and you KNOW ‘Bama wanted that shutout, so thats a mark of character. Me too! Will be my mindset about working a little more (or smarter) because it makes a difference in these trying times. Quality always counts, right?

And Notre Dame, much as that Tide rolled, Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of NY-NJ leaves comparison to THAT in rear view mirror. NOBODY better say Peyton failed again in ANY kind of same breath with that Irish loss either. Just sayin’…

Glenn S.

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