Four Entrepreneurs in a Row, Senoras y Espanol– All of Us Pursuing the American Dream


Perhaps it would be more surprising to encounter *me* in such company, but discussing the progress and potential of a future sharing in an event between our groups during a few minutes of conversation after church, the only senora present who didn’t offer me her real estate card was the Hispanic Ministry person I’d met two days before.

It brought a vivid reality to what is so attractive about real estate: Opportunities for success are very much within any individuals control, and that makes it an essence of the American Dream. Maybe not the same as Trump’s dream for America, but…

You hit the standards– in North Carolina its 79 hours of approved instruction, taking/qualifying via the state exam, paying your fees. Once you are legal on those points, everyone starts from Go!

Carve your own niche or go large, the absolute effort required is a great leveler; ‘up’ personality is never a drawback, communicating skills are a given. Taking the original real estate course– after a long period of working primarily by myself– being with 80 people of high verbal ability was immediately noticeable. The barrier to entry was incredibly low: $450 course, about $70 more for books and suggested prep materials. After that, reading-studying-testing is your deal, definitely the priority (sorry kids).

     The Opportunity to Directly Affect Your Own Future (and others!)

Having an entrepreneur inside cuts across cultural lines, and real estate rewards effort. The picture of car and commission check is worth the usual 1,000 words. Real estate as a career in a hot market, its got visuals you can appreciate, especially after the penury that was retail during the recession. Perhaps rewards come less often than is desired, but sometimes in unreal proportion to any actual brilliance, often by doing necessary steps and being there.  You follow through on leads and necessary paperwork, learn more whenever possible, make sure your technology and transportation work, be fearless, or at least mostly determined to put yourself on the line when asking if anybody you stand next to knows somebody else.

During orientation (at Keller Williams) there was a question about our Big Why? What would get us out of bed daily, make us stay on task, maybe neglect family and friends attention-wise, invest in worrying about an appraisal or offer? For myself, literally, walking out of 2016 in better way than I came in was the reason– left knee has been shot for a long time. Whatever it eventually costs for a replacement, by the end of the year– and primarily by the grace of Affordable Care Act– getting right on that can be accomplished.

Of primary importance, because of user-friendly technology, running my business won’t totally grind to a stop when two-six weeks of therapy after that knee replacement happens and actually affects any mobility.

Throughout a variety of careers, a strongly held belief is not having limits imposed on my choice of jobs because of extraneous, often legal, factors. Its rational to understand some leavening of opportunities, even in what is finally starting to feel like a better economy TO ME. Pero, (but) like those senoras, nosotros vamos forward with business on our minds, and helping in our hearts. There are few satisfactions better than delivering a major part of the American Dream– owning your home– to someone else, while ringing the register for yourself.

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