How ‘SUITS’ Harvey Specter and Trump are Similar SOBs in the Bigger Picture

“Seriously, Often Butt-heads” was what I was going for with the acronym, but if you want to take offense, this is still ‘Merica, and you can say things others might not like without diving to (or past) the lowest possible rung of civil discourse before “Yo’ mama!”

Yes, Harvey mocked Louis Litt’s teeth before, but that’s a far cry from Trump personally savaging every person of color that criticized him, his constituency, and home.

After dropping something large on Spiderman in Avengers ‘Civil War’ flick, Cap’n America didn’t rank out Spidey because he was from Queens, just said, “Brooklyn,” with a smile about his own growing up, and jogged away.

That’s class.

The analogy between a popular television character – Harvey, not Trump, who was considered an SOB as a reality show bozo (sorry, boss) – is fairly obvious if you take a few choice pieces from the bigger picture.

downloadStarting with the primary negative, Harvey took in Mike Ross, someone who was unqualified (not a Harvard educated lawyer, even if he could out-trivia Harvey), causing a serious problem for his firm. At NO point has Trump put ANYONE worth spit in a role that fit their lousy qualifications, except Mattis and Kelley.

DeVos (Education), Pruitt, the grifter from Oklahoma, desecrating our national environment, and Perry (from Texas) were all put in charge of departments where they *hated* what they were supposed to manage. Together they lack the brains of Ross, who was an actual genius (who could read).

Current count on idjits Trump has put up that even Repubs couldn’t vote for: 39.

Harvey has gotten a slew of others involved in keeping that single fact a secret, a willful malpractice that would have precipitated serious blow back (think Paris accords) every case unqualified Mike had been involved in with the firm. Only Nikki Haley as UN Ambassador escaped the Trump administration with her reputation intact.

It took what – seven seasons – for Ross to wind up in jail, even after there was relative blood in the water about him not being a real lawyer? (Think Mueller report, day in front of cameras) Multiple innocent people got jammed up by Harvey along the way, and outsiders who got close to the truth were routinely pounded into submission with legal threats by the high-powered Specter regarding unrelated subjects.

Are you with me?

In fact, Harvey has done nothing but pound people, often to cover up malfeasance by clients and himself, usually 2-3 times an episode. Okay, that’s part of the hook or ‘charm’ of the show, miles from a President who signs papers with a fat magic marker whenever he’s ready to screw another segment of the country.

Anybody remember the Dakota Pipeline? Wasn’t that a done deal, win for environmentalists and Native Americans? Denying scientists the right to publish their findings, or world (Iran and six other nuclear program signees, plus every long term US ally), he regularly tosses someone under the proverbial bus with a stroke.

Neither has started an actual shooting war, but Harvey is only a lawyer, not someone whose whack-a-doodle temperament could accomplish that.

And yeah, they’ve deservedly been in a jillion lawsuits through their actions.

Does Harvey HATE women, or exhibit misogynistic behavior and excuse it in others?

He finally made peace with his mother about how she asked eight-year old him to not tell his father about an affair he’d seen as a child, although he’s basically used his power over a string of women into this ninth and final season. Give him credit for finally recognizing his long-time super-star assistant, Donna, was the one he should give his love and loyalty to, but at no point did he grab them by the crotch or otherwise assault them. He just walked away, knowing he’d usually been the bad person.

Finally, while Harvey has a temper, he’s been willing (literally at times) to step into the ring and duke it out with someone, not snake them by text or send someone else to clean up his mess. (Okay, that “not sending someone else” is kind of a lie, but you know, everybody does it.)  He doesn’t – usually – chortle in glee about whacking someone.

He’s also willing to change his mind when told a damn good reason to, which isn’t in Trump’s skill set whatsoever. Several people have drawn the line with him, told him “this is the last time EVER, Harvey” that they would do what he needed. Unfortunately, Trump has what used to be the Republican Party in his pocket, and they can be relied on to save his bacon whenever he needs it.

Many say its not a good idea to post political thoughts like this, but at this point, with  right at 500 LinkedIn connections, I’m not concerned about losing a great quantity of  those by not mentioning causing a useless and expensive to Americans trade war, pauperizing a wide swath of American farmers, or saying neo-Nazis are fine people.

As for Harvey Specter, he can’t hurt you either, he’s just a TV SOB.

Glenn Shorkey – Creative eDitorial Talents Enterprises 


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